Football or Soccer?

I find this is quite interesting, considering that thousands of people every day argue whether the sport is called “soccer” or “football”. Considering the term “soccer” actually comes from Britain, it’s funny that the same people argue that the name is not “soccer”. Maybe people should spend more time enjoying the sport than worrying about its name.  ucl-wembley-finale-ball


2 thoughts on “Football or Soccer?

  1. I’m a huge fan of soccer, or football, and I agree with you. People should focus on the sport more and see the strategies, but the thought does come into my head once in while watching a game. I was wondering what international team you are supporting? Also is it football or fútbol?


    • It doesn’t matter what you call it, as every country and language has a different way of naming the sport. However, I support Real Madrid in terms of club and in terms of international teams, I support Mexico.


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