The GameCube Controller

Click click click!


The iconic sounds of a GameCube controller admired by the many fans of the Super Smash Bros. series.

Some even consider the sounds of a GameCube controller to be therapeutic:

Whether you think that sounds of a GameCube controller are annoying or rhythmic, the GameCube controller has become a staple of the smash community and a symbol of Smash’s legacy as a whole.

November 18, 2001. The release date of the Nintendo GameCube, along with the GameCube controller. But the GameCube controller wouldn’t become as popular and widely used until three days later, when the second installment of the Smash Bros. series was released; Super Smash. Bros. Melee. After two months, the game easily sold more than a million units, a feat in itself at that time.

Ever since then thousands of players have come to enjoy melee, a community that’s existed for fifteen years, more alive than ever, and at the center of that community is the GameCube controller.

Whether you love or hate the sounds of a GameCube controller, play smash at a high or low level, or just specatate the game, there’s no doubting the impact the controller has had on the smash community.


2 thoughts on “The GameCube Controller

  1. Hey, another Smash player! Interesting statistics on the system and controller. I remember playing on these all the time as a kid and I definitely agree that the sounds of the controller are amazing and relaxing. For me, the controller also holds sentimental value. Every time I pick mine up again, it brings me back to the time where my brother and I raced together in Mario Kart or faced off in Super Smash Bros. Maybe we could play together sometime?

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  2. I can’t tell you how much I just geeked out over this. I honestly thought I was the only one who enjoyed the sound of clicking a GameCube controller. I remember getting Super Smash Bros as a present and till this day, it’s still one of the highlights of every party.

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