The History of the Birthday


Why do we celebrate birthdays? What’s the significance of the day a person was born?

I did some research as I tried to answer these questions, and I found a great article written by Todd Van Luling from the Huffington Post about the history of the birthday.

Turns out that the earliest form of “birthday celebration” was done by the Egyptians when they crowned their pharaohs, considering the coronation to be the birth of a god. The modern birthday celebration of common people didn’t come until the age of the roman empire, and even then only men’s birthdays were celebrated. The first recorded birthday cake was made by the Greek; a lunar shaped cake with candles that was offered to their god Artemis.

Well now we know a little about the history of the birthday; how about its significance?

Well, believe it or not, the special date of your birth holds a certain importance not only to you but the people around you. The date of your birth is the date that you came into existence, the date that your parents had borne a new daugther or son and the day that your siblings met their little sister or brother. Your birthday is a time to reflect what you learned and what you’ve gained as a person since you last celebrated your birthday. Your birthday serves an importance to the people around you, the ones who love you.

It’s the day that you celebrate you.

Now you may not be a Greek god or an Egyptian pharaoh, but keep on singing happy birthday, keep stuffing your face with cake, and other foods you love, because your birthday is just as important to you and the ones around as your name.


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