Alzheimer-66ev0n5vzxoph9rfxozycvsxvnoidks7m7r759ugul6.jpgOne of the worst if not the worst mental illnesses in my opinion.

Imagine yourself at the age sixty. You have a beautiful house, a kind and healthy family, you’ve completed all your goals in life. You have fond memories of your childhood, of your teenage years, of your parents and friends.

You’ve worked  EXTREMELY hard to achieve this level of happiness.

In high school you were a straight A student. You also played a sport competitively and practiced 4 hours a day. You studied and grinded your way through high school, graduating at the top of your class and as an esteemed athlete.

You earned a scholarship at the college of your dreams, where you played division one of your sport.

After four years you majored in biochemistry and straight out of college you became a pharmacist, the career you always wanted.

You’ve made it, you accomplished your dreams, but little did you know that towards the later years of your life your achievements that were a product of your hard work get revoked from you.

You are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Your memories, your intelligence, slowly fad away

A ilnesss u cant contrl slowly teers at the fabric of ur min

Ur connciouss of this deteration but u cant stop it

Al ur hrd wrk jst fades awy

its not imprtnt nymor

evryday Thins u ust to b able to do u cAn nt do nymor

despit evry thin u ve dne

al the hApi, in ur lif

aLL de wrk

is tken away


It’s gone

There is no worse condition than to forget about all that you’ve done in your life, no worse consequence than to inflict sadness to all that love you, to lose everything you’ve ever worked for, because of one mental illness.

To learn more about the effects of Alzheimer’s, to find help for yourself or a family member, or just find out how you can support the movement to cure Alzheimer’s, please visit the Alzheimer’s Association’s website.






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