Centi-Mole Day

First and foremost, happy mole day!

Well, almost (Friday was centi-mol day because Friday was October 21, and since 6.02×10^21 is a hundredth of 6.02×10^23, Friday is centi mole day). 

Mole day is celebrated on October 23rd, at 6:02 AM because of Avogadro’s number: 6.02×10^23, the number of molecules in a mole. 

A mole is just a quantitative value used in chemistry to express extremely large number with smaller values, but it is celebrated by chemists and science geeks everywhere, especially in Fountain Valley. 

On Friday all the chemists at Fountain Valley High School met at 6:02 AM  and brought poster and food to commentate the Mole’s birthday. 

It didn’t take long for all the food to run out.

It was a nice bonding experience, where everyone could socialize and meet to not only celebrate the mole but eat the great food that was brought. 

Some students even made little circles where they played cards and enjoyed their time

There were a lot of great and witty posters that students brought to decorate the walls of the chemistry halls. 

One of my favorite posters was the pika by poster, that read,”moleachu”.

Despite having to wake up before dawn (in my case 5 AM) I thoroughly enjoyed my time and found myself meeting new people. Also, the food was great. 


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