Everything You Need To Know About Smash Summit 3

The third iteration of the smash summit series, Smash Summit 3 is hosted by Beyond the Summit esports and is taking place this week from Thursday through Sunday.

Smash Summit has been a staple tournament in the melee community for the past three years. Now a biannual event, the competition looks hot as sixteen of the best melee players are invited to Southern California suite to fight it out over a $20,000 prize pot. It seems that all eyes are on this tournament, with Thursday and Friday viewership averaging 30,000.

The Smash Summit is as much as a casual event as a competitive one. The atmoshpere itself is about as casual as it gets; four commentators at a time sit on the living room couch to watch and commentate matches, the kitchen is full of drinks and food for the players to eat, and the whole house is open for all the competitors to just hang out.

Screen Shot 2016-11-05 at 3.10.18 PM.pngSome unconventional, fun and entertaining events are also streamed on Twitch on Thursday and Friday. One of these events is mafia, where all the players meet in a room and four are picked as mafia, one as a doctor, one as a cop, and one as a vigilante, with the remaining players being common villagers. The goal of the mafia is to kill everyone, having to kill two players after each turn. The vigilante can kill one person of his choice, but his goal to kill one of the mafia. The doctor can save one person from the mafia’s wrath per turn, however, the doctor is unaware as to who the mafia will kill. The cop can investigate one person per turn to try to figure out who is in the mafia. After each turn, the surviving villagers can vote to execute one person who they believe to be the mafia. More and better information about this party game can be found here.

Saturday and Sunday is where the real money is won. Saturday eight teams of two compete in a bracket tournament to win a prize pot of $5,000. Known as melee doubles, each team of two has eight lives (also known as stocks) and each team tries to eliminate all the stocks of the opposing team. This bracket is double elimination and will take place on Saturday from 12 PM PST to 5 PM PST.

Singles bracket attracts the most viewers, potentially more than 50,000. Fan favorites like Joseph “Mang0” Marquez and William “Leffen”Hjelte will go all out to win the big cash prize of $20,000. This tournament series is known to produce great shows and display melee’s great talents from around the world. Singles bracket is double elimination and will be played on Sunday at 12 PM.

All brackets, singles, doubles, and all the casual events played, can be found at smash.gg

The last Smash Summit was a great success, and produced some of the greatest moments in melee history. This year will be no different.

All of Smash Summit 3’s events  can be streamed from twitch.


Smash for the Blind

Over the weekend there was a local tournament in Philadelphia where a blind boy entered and played on stream. 

This incredible feat can be watched  in the following link.   

The boy did his best and actually played incredibly versus his opponent, despite his disadvantage. The boy even managed to take a match off of his opponent in the three games they played. 

Further proof that anything can be accomplished if you put your mind to it. 

The GameCube Controller

Click click click!


The iconic sounds of a GameCube controller admired by the many fans of the Super Smash Bros. series.

Some even consider the sounds of a GameCube controller to be therapeutic:

Whether you think that sounds of a GameCube controller are annoying or rhythmic, the GameCube controller has become a staple of the smash community and a symbol of Smash’s legacy as a whole.

November 18, 2001. The release date of the Nintendo GameCube, along with the GameCube controller. But the GameCube controller wouldn’t become as popular and widely used until three days later, when the second installment of the Smash Bros. series was released; Super Smash. Bros. Melee. After two months, the game easily sold more than a million units, a feat in itself at that time.

Ever since then thousands of players have come to enjoy melee, a community that’s existed for fifteen years, more alive than ever, and at the center of that community is the GameCube controller.

Whether you love or hate the sounds of a GameCube controller, play smash at a high or low level, or just specatate the game, there’s no doubting the impact the controller has had on the smash community.